Coleman Generators, Winco, Residential, Propane

Coleman Generators, Winco, Residential, Propane

5000 Watt Coleman Generator

Sport Pac Portable Power Generator

Kipor Diesel Generator

Generator Portable Propane

Onan Portable Generator

Fg Wilson Generators

Tri Fuel Generator

Residential Standby Generator

Winco Electric Generators

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Understanding The Different Types Of Generators

Generators are used in emergencies supplying power to your home during a power outage. They can provide power for appliances, like refrigerators to keep your food from spoiling while the power is out for an extended amount of time. Basically, a generator will take mechanical energy and convert it to electrical energy.

Home generators can be either a portable or a standby unit. They operate on different kinds of fuels, like gasoline, natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas and diesel. Portable generators, like the 5000 watt Coleman generator, FG Wilson generators, or the Onan portable generator, have shorter run times than a residential standby generator does. In the portable ones, the gas and oil will need to be refilled every few hours.

Coleman Generators, Winco, Residential, Propane 

There are also generators now that packs extreme power into a unit that is portable, like the Sport Pac and Marina. The Sport Pac portable power generator is ideal for jump starting vehicles, while the Marina is made for the boating environment. These run off of either AC 110 volt or DC 12 volt.

The Kipor diesel generator is a durable and very quiet generator. So for those searching for one with those specific needs, the Kipor is the one for you.

A generator portable propane has many advantages over ones that are run off gasoline. Some reasons are that the fuel burns cleaner and does not put off toxic fumes. Propane is odorless, but does put off the smell similar to that of a rotten egg when there is a leak. Propane is also cheaper than gas and safer to use since the propane is stored in tanks, making refilling it easier.

There is also a tri fuel generator, which can be run off any of the three different fuels: gas, natural gas and propane. Winco Electric Generators are an excellent brand of this type, which offer an electric start.

As you can see, there are many different types of generators that are available to you. So, it is important to determine your needs when you are out searching for a generator. Knowing what you are going to power will determine what wattage you will need to buy.

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Yamaha Inverter Generators

By Michael Boyter
The Yamaha brand has a reputation for impressive and high-quality equipment. No less impressive is their selection of inverter generators. This article reviews two of the most popular models; the Yamaha EF1000iS and EF2400iS.

Introduction to the Diesel Generator

By Dennis Moore Hopkins
There are numerous types of fuels that can work for generators but somehow the diesel is the often selected fuel option for the commercial generators. This could be due to the diesel's attribute of being very powerful, dependable and portable thus being suitable for a broad range of usage.

The Various Uses of Electric Generators

By Joshua Morris
Almost all people are dependent on electricity. They use it for their fridges, lights, computers, heating... everything. Therefore when the power goes out, you are literally left in the dark. With an electric generator at standby, you know you can always move to your backup power and you wouldn't have lost anything.